Colour Me Yellow

i just kinda really like yellow


Colour Me Yellow is really just a sad excuse to escape an exquisitely jarring actuality. Colour Me Yellow aims (disclaimer: failingly) to spread awareness on socially hushed matters (I’m 18; it won’t be an approach doused in general competence). You may expect to read short stories which, i must begrudgingly admit, will usually have elements of subjective allure. Some other crap/miscellaneous pieces are relatively lighthearted, read with a slice of buttered bread, essays intended on getting a few pity smiles.

That is all.

Tuba Shamim is a sarcastic individual who isn’t good at many things but stellar at pretending she is. Help her, help you spread awareness about playing nice and pretending she is vaguely adequate at writing.

That is all.

All posts have been transferred here from SFTM. New posts will be up after June 1. 

SCHEDULE: 1,9,18,27 for JUNE

1,6,12,18,24 JUNE ONWARD


“Haha, yeah, i have no clue as to what i’m doing. ~ Tuba Shamim 2003

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